Hassle-Free Slimming & Diet Solution

About the Product

IniBeaufy Crave-fix Jelly is a modern version of the Malaysian traditional jamu with an added twist of Raspberry flavour making it more delightful to be consumed daily. IniBeaufy Jelly helps to suppress your appetite by controlling food cravings, limiting extra calories, and removing excess water and toxins making it easier for you to start a healthy diet and loose weight naturally.

It is also loaded with premium ingredients such as Pomegranate, Dates, , Honey, Bearberry extract, Tomato, minerals & vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc) Aloe Vera extract, L- Cysteine.

IniBeaufy is definitely a complete all in one beauty supplement a modern girl would ever need!

Want To Lose Weight But Can't Control What You Eat?

How Does it Work?

  • Suppresses appetite and limit your calorie intake
  • Helps you to eat less and avoid from overeating 
  • Improve digestion, remove toxins and excess water 
  • Helps to loose weight in the most natural way 
  • Breastfeeding friendly, helps breastfeeding moms to manage their diet after birth without worrying about dropping of milk supply
  • Encourage stress free and better eating habits with no strict diet needed

How To Consume?

One sachet a day before your first meal is all you need to help you manage your calorie intake. It is powerful enough to help you eat less throughout the day! 

Made Ready To Eat!

Loaded with high fibre foods like Dates, Pomegranate, Honey, Tomato and Bearberry  which play a very important role in reducing weight! It is made in the form of a Jelly sachet making it easy to be consumed daily! It is also packed in a small and sleek box, hassle free to take it with you anywhere! 

The right way of dieting is key to loosing weight, so we keep our ingredients premium yet affordable just for you! 

Tried Everything But Nothing Seems To Work?

We Have The Right Solution For You

Why You Should Choose IniBeaufy?

Formulated from natural and premium ingredients that gives results

Hassle free and delicious way of shedding weight naturally

Safe and worry free for breastfeeding moms to consume daily

Who Should Consume IniBeaufy?

Anyone with a hectic lifestyle, who needs a stress free solution to reduce weight, slimmer body and improve eating habits would be perfect for IniBeaufy! 

The Ingredients



Take 1 sachet a day before your first meal. It is best served chilled. 

Do store in dry and cool places away from direct sunlight. For better taste and experience, you can refrigerate your IniBeaufy jelly.

No you do not need to go undergo a specific and stressful meal plan while consuming IniBeaufy. However, we do encourage all consumers to start a healthier choice of eating habits for better results.

We strongly suggest all pregnant woman to consult your doctor or healthcare provider before consuming IniBeaufy.

IniBeaufy jelly is made from all natural ingredients making it safe to be consumed by breastfeeding moms. It also has the function of a milkbooster so that it wont affect your milksupply. You can now go on diet while nursing your baby. 

Yes, IniBeaufy jelly is safe to consume as it is formulated from all premium and high quality natural ingredients which does not contain controlled and harmful substances. IniBeaufy’s lab test results classifies it under the food category. 

The effectiveness of IniBeaufy jelly may differ from one individual from another. Results may be seen as early as 7-14 days after consuming IniBeaufy, we do suggest that you consume IniBeaufy regularly to experience faster and better results. 

We do not recommend you to skip meals while consuming IniBeaufy as it is not a meal replacement supplement. However, we do encourage you do have smaller portions of your meals and practice a calorie deficit diet. IniBeaufy will ease your new eating habits by helping you feel full longer even when you eat less. 

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